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March 4, 2018


Welcome to Otterburn Antiques, LLC, a site dedicated to Commerce, Education and Historic Preservation.

My name is Russell Hicks, and I have studied, collected, preserved, written about, and traded Southern antiques and artifacts for over 35 years.  I regularly exhibit at the major Civil War shows around the mid-Atlantic region.  My exhibits have won awards in various educational categories, including an occasional best of show.  I spend much time traveling and researching, and I am reasonably well connected to well-known dealers, scholars and collectors of Confederate artifacts and antiques of the Southern United States.

My orientation is based primarily on Civil War military history and the material culture of the 19th Century.  I grew up with a well-worn copy of Lee’s Lieutenants by Pulitzer prize historian Douglas Southall Freeman, and I have studied and come to appreciate both (1) evidence of methods used to manufacture objects of the period and (2) an unfettered chain of ownership (provenance).  I work hard to ensure objects that I collect and pass on possess these characteristics in tangible fashion.

I have personally taken on the project of rehabilitating the Otterburn House (1828) in Bedford County, Virginia, a previously abandoned landmark.  All proceeds of this activity either go towards acquisition of more significant artifacts for later offerings, or for preserving Otterburn, a house deemed important at the State level for Architecture by Virginia’s Department of Historic Resources.  Effectively, my active historical resume consists of primarily the Otterburn property and the significant historical objects that I brought to light, now residing in the Library of Congress, the National Park Service and other significant public sites and repositories.







Last Updated: March 5, 2018